Doesn’t the War Memorial look fantastic?

Thank you Toby for your hard work.

War Memorial

Pragna has informed us that as from Monday 6th November the Westfield store will be closing at 7.30pm rather than the usual 8pm for the winter months.

Today our pothole repair teams are in the following areas (see image) Bexhill Eastbourne StLeonards and Westfield 24 October 2017Road repairs Oct17

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who came along to the Village Tidy on Saturday afternoon, including lots of Beavers. It really is appreciated!

There was a big collection of all sorts of things including a car seat, scooter, football, and lots and lots of cans and sweet food wrappers. Sadly it really does demonstrate the need for the village tidies.

Village Tidy Oct 2017